On-Water Demos



Newbury Kayak and Canoe has a large selection of kayaks, canoes and stand up paddles boards available for on-water trials.  Trials are conducted from the shop’s waterfront location on the Parker River and while we always try to support a spontaneous decision to try a boat, calling ahead or setting up a trial during a shop visit is always helpful.  

A member of the staff will join you during the trial whenever possible, paddling along to talk about the characteristics of the boat, suggest ways you can get the most of the experience and answer any questions you may have.  Based on your comments, they may also suggest other models to try that might better fit you and your expectations.

Trying boats side by side is a good way to make a selection, so if you’ve narrowed you just down to just a few and they are in the fleet, we’re happy to support multi-boat trials.  These are best arranged in advance to ensure staff availability.

If you want to take a boat on a longer trial, talk to the shop staff - we may have the boat that caught your eye in our rental fleet, or maybe able to rent a boat from the trial fleet if it’s not scheduled for a trial.