Massachusetts and New England have some of the greatest canoeing territory in the country.  Locally, the Ipswich River watershed (over 32 miles) and the Essex River basin provide easily accessible opportunities for great family paddling and are supported by very active volunteer organizations.  Throughout New England there are small and large lakes and rivers that provide an almost infinite variety of paddling experiences, from flat to white water, day trips to multi-week adventures.  Canoes are the ideal for these waters -  for family (including the family pet), tandem and solo paddlers, whether it’s a quick paddle on the pond, fishing or a multi-day camping trip.  

Newbury Kayak and Canoe stocks a wide range of canoes and gear. Solos, day trippers, expedition, down river, fishing - we have (or can get) a canoe for any activity.  We have tandems from 12' to 18'6", and materials from kevlar to polyethylene.  And lightweight canoes are a specialty - down to 39 lbs for a 16' tandem, 26lbs for a solo. 


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