Whether you are kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding, it's the paddle  you've got in your hands all the time you're on the water.  So make sure the paddle you hold is the right one for you and fits you well.  NK&C carries the best brands, and we can advise you on material, shape and size to get the perfect match.


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Werner Paddle are beloved by all who values light weight, beautifully crafted paddles.  Werner aims to design paddles that strike the perfect mix of light swing weight, smooth strokes and balance.  As a company Werner is not only committed to making quality paddles, but also to being active in the community both in participating and giving back. Their pride in attention to detail as well as their utmost respect for the employees, dealers, and customers allow them to produce paddle performance you can feel and trust with every stroke.



Aquabound manufactures paddles for whitewater, touring, and recreational kayaking as well as canoeing, and quickly became the number one producer of plastic-bladed kayak paddles. Aqua-Bound was also the first to introduce gas-assist molded paddle blades. Joe spent a large amount of his time working the phones and growing his business by providing excellent customer service. In late 2008, Branches LLC purchased Aqua-Bound Technologies from Joe and his partners and moved the company to Osceola, WI USA. The paddles are now built right in our factory. Branches is committed to continuing the Aqua-Bound tradition of extraordinary quality and service. Get your hands on an Aqua-Bound paddle and prepare to elevate your experience.


Bending Branches

In 1982, whitewater and touring canoeist Dale Kicker and flat-water racer Ron Hultman teamed up to create the first composite tipped canoe paddle. This unique innovation revolutionized the paddle industry and gave birth to Bending Branches. Since that birth, paddles from this Wisconsin company have propelled people to the places and experiences that people dream of. This spirit of adventure continues to drive Bending Branches to enhance your paddling experience.