Repairs and other services

Newbury Kayak and Canoe repairs kayaks, canoes, SUPs and drysuits!  From fiberglass repairs to skegs to gasket replacement, your paddling boats, boards and gear can have new life with Newbury Kayak and Canoe.  Stay on the water longer!


Kayak repairs

We can do pretty near any kind of kayak repair:  Skegs, rudders, seats, cables, lines, bulkheads, footpads, you name it.  We do fiberglass repairs from small dings to full reconstruction.  We can also patch and repair polyethylene boats.



We replace drysuit and drytop gaskets in-house, saving time and shipping.  We stock a range of gaskets, including the "coast guard" style. 

foam black romany.jpg


Want to add foam to your kayak cockpit for the custom fit?  We stock mini cell foam for you to do it yourself, or we can shape the foam for you.